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After Social Security numbers were assigned, the first Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes were collected, beginning in January 1937. Special Trust Funds were created for these dedicated revenues. When the lands of New France were ceded to the British under the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the British province of Quebec was created among them, and Franklin saw mail service expanded between Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Quebec City, and New York. Well known as a printer and publisher, Franklin was appointed postmaster of Philadelphia in 1737, holding the office until 1753, when he and publisher William Hunter were named deputy postmasters-general of British North America, event security the first to hold the office. On August 10, 1753, he was appointed deputy postmaster-general of British North America. In June 1753, Johnson, Franklin, and Smith met in Stratford. In 1759, he visited Edinburgh with his son and later reported that he considered his six weeks in Scotland “six weeks of the densest happiness I have met with in any part of my life”.

In October 1759, he was granted Freedom of the Borough of St Andrews. In October 1748, he was selected as a councilman; in June 1749, he became a justice of the peace for Philadelphia; and in 1751, he was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly. In 1751, Franklin and Thomas Bond obtained a charter from the Pennsylvania legislature to establish a hospital. The house is now a museum known as the Benjamin Franklin House. A post office for local and outgoing mail had been established in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by local stationer Benjamin Leigh, on April 23, 1754, but service was irregular. Johnson went on to found King’s College (now Columbia University) in New York City in 1754, while Franklin hired Smith as provost of the College of Philadelphia, which opened in 1755. At its first commencement, on May 17, 1757, seven men graduated; six with a Bachelor of Arts and one with a Master of Arts.

In 1754, he headed the Pennsylvania delegation to the Albany Congress. The report of the committee, providing for the appointment of a postmaster general for the 13 American colonies, was considered by the Continental Congress on July 25 and 26. On July 26, 1775, Franklin was appointed postmaster general, the first appointed under the Continental Congress. The college was to become influential in guiding the founding documents of the United States: in the Continental Congress, for example, over one-third of the college-affiliated men who contributed to the Declaration of Independence between September 4, 1774, and July 4, 1776, were affiliated with the college. In 1756, he received an honorary Master of Arts degree from the College of William & Mary. Later in 1756, Franklin organized the Pennsylvania Militia. After his return to the colony, Franklin led the “anti-proprietary party” in the struggle against the Penn family and was elected Speaker of the Pennsylvania House in May 1764. His call for a change from proprietary to royal government was a rare political miscalculation, however: Pennsylvanians worried that such a move would endanger their political and religious freedoms. 8. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, link with, or distribute the Library except as expressly provided under this License.

If you include several asset classes in your long-term portfolio, the upswing of one asset class may help offset the downward movement of another as conditions change. The earliest reported applicant for a lump-sum benefit was a retired Cleveland motorman named Ernest Ackerman, who retired one day after the Social Security program began. One line of argument in Parliament was that Americans should pay a share of the costs of the French and Indian War and therefore taxes should be levied on them. In Dublin, Franklin was invited to sit with the members of the Irish Parliament rather than in the gallery. Franklin became the American spokesman in highly publicized testimony in Parliament in 1766. He stated that Americans already contributed heavily to the defense of the Empire. The leadership of American Assured is always leading the company into the future, ensuring quality is maintained and our clients are always satisfied with the service we provide. In 1752, Franklin organized the Philadelphia Contributionship, the Colonies’ first homeowner’s insurance company. Franklin became involved in Philadelphia politics and rapidly progressed.

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